Fire Insurance
Fire Insurance basically covers insured property damaged from fire and lightning. The insured property can be house, shop, factory, etc .
Industrial All Risks Insurance
Cover included damage to insured property from accident or unexpected
Motor Insurance
This insurance covers loss from car accident and there are two main types of policy Compulsory Motor Insurance and Voluntary Motor Insurance
Marine Cargo Insurance
Cargo insurance covers loss of damage to shipment during sea, air, land, rail or post transportation as a result of accidents. This insurance is essential for exporters and importers who doing international business.
Liability Insurance
Liability Insurance covers loss of life and properties of the third parties arising from the accident and careless of the insured of which the insured are legally liable to the third parties.
All Risks Insurance for Engineering Works
This kind of Insurance involves the Contractors work, Machinery Erections, Electronics and Equipment Installation.
Trade Credit Insurance
Trade credit insurance covers the risk of non-payment of accounts receivable, prolong delay in payment, default, insolvency or bankruptcy.
Travel Accident Insurance
Travel Accident Insurance covers during the insured is travelling within Thailand and overseas throughout 24 hours. The cover starts from the insured departs from his/her house
Personal Accident and Health Insurance
This insurance covers medical expense for any injury from accident and sickness as an in-patient of a hospital, and additional cover for treatment
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